All donations are received and receipted by e.V. Germany, a registered charity that operates a donor advised fund to fulfill donor advisements audited by IRS Hanover-North and has its financial statements audited annually by an independent certified public accountant and tax lawyer.

The books are kept transparently. Our Statutes provide that:

(1) The Association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code and through the promotion of the general public in material, spiritual and moral area, particularly by scientific, cultural and artistic exchange.

(2) The Association is selflessly active, it does not pursue its own economic purposes. It promotes international understanding, tolerance and international awareness within and outside Germany.

(3) Means that accrue to the Association may only be used for statutory purposes. The members of the association may not receive any benefits from the Association in its capacity as a member. No person may benefit from expenditures that are foreign to the purposes of the Association, or be favored by a disproportionately high remuneration.

(4) Members of the Association’s bodies perform their duties generally truly voluntarily.

(5) Board duties can be exercised in the context of budgetary options by decision of the General Assembly for consideration on the basis of a service contract or to pay an allowance in accordance with § 26a of the Income Tax Act No. 3.

(6) For the execution of management duties and for the direction of a branch office, the Management Board may, as part of the budgetary possibilities, hire fulltime employees.

(7) The members and employees have a claim for reimbursement of expenses pursuant to § 670 BGB for such expenses which are incurred and proven through the activities for the Association. These include in particular travel costs, travel expenses, postage and telephone.

For further information please request our complete Articles of Association by contacting us at any time.

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Makkah and Madina are in a process of rapid change. creates awareness and preserves history by restoring evidence starting at the times of Adam with sites, buildings, and the sanctuaries of Makkah and Madina in a virtual environment all based on authentic data, plans, and photo/video footage blended with current google maps. Fully interactive with all options for reconstruction.

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Living and balanced Fiqh is just a mouse click away.
A real-time algorithm to logically deduce every single ruling of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) out of its sources (Quran and Sunnah) is designed to leverage the full transparency of an internet cloud application with complete algorithmic coverage of Islamic law eventually providing with legal security and full legal accountability. For everybody.

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Abraham’s sons are no legend.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam refer to Abraham as the father of Isaac and Ismail. The distinctive lineage of Abraham’s descendants (Cohen and Ahl Al-Bait) right into our lifetimes is materialized with DNA-records providing with forensic accuracy to scientifically establish historic evidence and reaffirm detailed paper trails.

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