Abraham’s sons are no legend.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam refer to Abraham as the father of Isaac and Ismail. The distinctive lineage of Abraham’s descendants (Cohen and Ahl Al-Bait) right into our lifetimes is materialized with DNA-records providing with forensic accuracy to scientifically establish historic evidence and reaffirm detailed paper trails.


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Abraham’s Sons

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  • David Allender

    This is very interesting to me because I have been on quite a little ride for about 8 years now. I see nutters all over the place online claiming to be this and that so, it makes things harder when I share my story. The bottom line is that we don’t need genetic verification of who will be the Mahdi but it sure would be fun to have it! Please read pages 7 and onward here; http://www.GoyimGazette.com/issue-119/ Then let me know if you want anything from me to help you in this research. Peace, David. 509-670-3022

    5 months ago Reply

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