e.V. is a May 2013 AD (Rajab 1434 AH) German non-profit association registered with the District Court Hanover.


Our founding members include:


Honorary Members include:


Management: e.V. is a branch of The Al-Makkiyah Al-Madaniyah Institute, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to provide with support for funding, operations, and to promote world peace through international understanding, tolerance and international awareness within and outside Germany. e.V. promotes cultural, scientific, and artistic exchange.

Our vision is based on the ethical and international principles of the Preamble of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany and works for the international understanding inspired by the will alone to serve world-peace.

Ignorance, prejudice and misunderstanding between people of different religious convictions, formal nationality, geographic origin, or political affiliation shall be attenuated and overcome by demonstrating deep common roots in cultural and spiritual origins.

In a dedicated effort, the relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims are to be structured in common responsibility.


In February 2018, e.V. joined the German Alliance for Cyber-Security.

Alliance for Cyber-Security e.V.
Karim Daghbouche (BGB representative)
Georgstrasse 11
30159 Hanover

VR 201942 District Court Hanover, Germany

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Makkah and Madina are in a process of rapid change. creates awareness and preserves history by restoring evidence starting at the times of Adam with sites, buildings, and the sanctuaries of Makkah and Madina in a virtual environment all based on authentic data, plans, and photo/video footage blended with current google maps. Fully interactive with all options for reconstruction.

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Living and balanced Fiqh is just a mouse click away.
A real-time algorithm to logically deduce every single ruling of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) out of its sources (Quran and Sunnah) is designed to leverage the full transparency of an internet cloud application with complete algorithmic coverage of Islamic law eventually providing with legal security and full legal accountability. For everybody.

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Abraham’s sons are no legend.
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam refer to Abraham as the father of Isaac and Ismail. The distinctive lineage of Abraham’s descendants (Cohen and Ahl Al-Bait) right into our lifetimes is materialized with DNA-records providing with forensic accuracy to scientifically establish historic evidence and reaffirm detailed paper trails.

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